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Yashbiz Business Plan

by Abhi Rawat, 25 May 2024

Yashbiz Business Plan

Yash Biz Marketing Private Limited is a Direct Selling Business

This is a great business opportunity that allows you to set up your own business to deliver products by training and team building. The incentive amount is paid on the sale of the products. This system provides reward system with compensation of huge amount to the people who invest their efforts in the business. Let us understand how you can earn by growing your Yash Biz business.
Anyone who wants to start an independent business can become an independent distributor of Yash Biz Marketing Pvt Ltd. To become an independent distributor one has to capitalize himself as a customer with the company by filling out a simple registration form and purchasing the products for personal consumption.
Once a customer is satisfied with the quality of the products, he/she can refer these products to the prospect and become an independent distributor to earn these incentives and rewards for financial benefits in the form of incentives and rewards Can earn follow the terms and conditions of Yashbiz Marketing.  










The Business Matching aspect of the Compensation Plan is calculated from your network, with 2 Business Teams – Left Team & Right Team. When an Independent Distributor successfully builds Point Value (PV) within the network, he / she will be rewarded with the Business Matching Incentive. Yashbiz reward its Independent Distributors with Business Matching Incentive for their efforts in supporting them to get associated based on the order they place. As their team grows, they will be entitled to get Business Matching Incentive based on the Balanced PV generated on either side.

For Example:

An Independent Distributor & his / her team refer sales of 500 PV in Left Team & 750 PV in Right Team. On matching of business of 500 PV, Yashbiz Compensation Plan pays him / her Rs. 500/- as Business Matching Incentive.


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